Lessons from 1 year working with professional programmers

written on Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A year ago, one day after coming back from my first Glastonbury, I started working as a professional programmer. Everything I had worked on before had been either personal projects or jobs for people I knew. Figuring out how to do these things had been a matter of internet research and constant experimentation.

I'm pretty good at teaching myself things. If you aren't I don't think you could do this job at all. But one thing that you don't get from teaching yourself is the culture and practices that exist around programming. They are the things that a self taught individual might look at and think are a massive waste of time but after a year I now see each one as vital to managing ever increasing complexity.

So the three main things that I have learnt over the last year are:

  1. Being constantly stumped is the job
  2. Source control
  3. Testing code preserves your sanity

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